Who is the “Conscious Sophisticate”?

When I asked a few people what came to mind when they heard the words “conscious sophisticate” I received varying responses. I’ll share a few here: “someone that thought they were better than others, stuck up, and bougie”.  Others expressed, it sounded like “someone that is put together, and holds themselves to a particular standard”.  These mixed responses made it apparent I needed to clarify the purpose of my blog and what will eventually evolve into my brand.

What is a “Conscious Sophisticate”?

Let’s break this down:

To be Conscious one doesn’t rely solely on their 5 senses to take in knowledge or to gain an understanding.  It’s understood one should also rely on discernment and data received from a world outside of themselves as a feedback loop.  To be conscious you have an awareness of things that are not exactly overt or spelled out.

In my own words a Sophisticate is one that is put together and polished.  A sophisticate is poised in their expression and understands there is a time and place for everything.  We should be careful not to judge these people as being dry or stuffy.  This is someone that has experienced life outside of their realm of comfort.   Some sophisticates are well traveled and have acquired knowledge from visiting places outside of their hometowns and countries.  They may also be well learned allowing them to engage in discussions of various topics.  While being well traveled certainly makes for rich experiences there comes a time where the expedition of one’s own heart, mind and soul is of more value.  Exploration of this kind helps to polish the “sophisticate” in all of us.

Is a Conscious Sophisticate perfect?

By no means is a conscious sophisticate perfect.  They are however striving.  Doing the hard work of self exploration helps them take charge of their own narrative.  This in turn impacts how they show up in the world as well as what they attract to themselves.   There’s an awareness of their flaws and weaknesses and they have no longer settled for the “oh well, that’s just who I am” mindset.  They’re intentional about being the highest form of themselves.

My Journey to the Conscious Sophisticate

I hope through transparency with my own stories which also include becoming “The Conscious Wife” and the “Conscious Mom” that I inspire and encourage you to do your own work.  I’m excited to be apart of  your journey and thank you for being apart of mine.  It’s my goal to help as many people as possible so that we together help beautify the earth, leaving this planet in a little better condition than it was before.

For a little added inspiration, you can find my shirt below.  The “Sophisticate” shirt can be purchased for $15 in sizes ranging from XS-2XL.  All order request can be sent to conscioussophisticate@gmail.com, cash app $consoph.

4 sale.jpeg


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