6 Reasons Your New Year Should Start Now!

6 Reasons Your New Year Should Start Now!

Today is the official launch of my blog.  If I were to be honest I was ready to quit before I even got started! I went through all the motions of “no one is going to read it anyway” and “I have nothing to talk about”.  After the kind of year I’ve had I obviously have plenty to talk about.   With that being said I’d like to share with you why your New Year doesn’t have to and shouldn’t wait for midnight Jan. 1.    Here are 6 reasons why my New Year Hardly ever starts on Jan 1.

1.  Too much time leads to 0 productivity.

It’s important (especially for me) that I start projects while they are fresh on my mind; otherwise I will have talked myself out of doing it, gotten discouraged, or will have become downright LAZY.

2.  Your new mindset isn’t time conscious.

Most times my New Year Starts when my perspective on certain aspects of my life have changed due to  circumstances .  Unfortunately, I don’t always get some big epiphany or revelation that sums up my year on December 31st   like the rest of the world.  For me, the aforementioned epiphany may come in June or July.  It would not be wise to wait until the new year to start embracing this.

3.  Don’t fall victim to “New Year, New Me” Statuses

Admit it, we’ve all seen them or written them ourselves.  Waiting for the new year to be a new you unfortunately sets you up to go where the rest of your resolutions go after the first 30 days, into some black abyss where resolutions from the last 20 years are housed.  Choose to be a new you now.  Defy the temptation to begin evolving into this new person in the new year.  Start now.

Please don’t find yourself on the tail end of the New Year New Me meme bandwagon!

4.  Mankind hasn’t always been on a time schedule.

If you remember in Eden, the first man and woman didn’t always operate in a realm of time.  Sometimes the comfort of knowing you have lot of time to get things done can work against you.  Today everything now has an expiration date. That window of inspiration and motivation (to start a new business or lose weight) may only be open for a short time.

5.  You have an opportunity to cheat death.

Okay so you really may not be able to peak into your future and cheat your own death.  However, you can cheat the death of a fresh new idea coming into fruition, or the death of a peaceful home and family life, or the death of peace of mind.  So many things threaten to assassinate our goals and dreams.  Don’t let a day on the calendar dictate when you can start living the life you’ve always wanted.

6.  You put yourself ahead of the game.

Imagine you started your new year today? You would put yourself ahead of the timeline you laid out before the new year.  Starting early also allows for a cushion for any setbacks the new year may bring.  This time next year, you may be much further than you ever imagined.

Consider your journey this year.  How many times has your new year had a chance to begin?


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